Annalise Wolf

PhD, English Literature

Trained as an early modern & late medieval English scholar, I am also proficient in pedogogical design. My dissertation "Hospitality's Rhetoric of Salvation in Early Modern England" used hospitality and utopia theories, as well as innovative close readings across devotional, prophetic, and play texts to argue for the ubiquity of hospitality as a metric of Christian salvation in Early Modern England.

I have designed and taught over a dozen university courses across five universities. Teaching is a process of building collegiality and has suited me well because I enjoy working with small teams to articulate and execute their goals. As a rhetoric professional, I recognize that writing is verbal design, and that principles of effective rhetoric extend beyond any single media.

My background in humanities communications and research, as well as significant experience teaching intimate (16-26 student) discussion, skills and research courses, has emphasized the importance of collaborative work, within and outwith academia. Earlier in my formation, I was an Biology major, and in graduate school, I passed my comprehensive doctoral exams with a focus in the history and philosophy of early modern medicine.

Curriculum Vitae



Modern Philology: "Prayer the Churches Banquet."

Under Review:

"Our devices still are overthrown": Domestic Tragedy Rerouting Hamlet's Mousetrap

Abiezer Coppe's Supra-Human Apocalyptic Hospitality